Psychotic Depression: Everything You Need To Know

Published: 08th December 2009
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Depression does not only let you feel sorry for yourself, but also it can make you see, hear things, and think illogically. They are not losing their minds, but rather they are what you call people with psychotic depression. Approximately over 20 % of people who are admitted to the hospital for depression state suffer from what is called psychotic depression. On top of the depressive symptoms of depression, psychotic depression also include some psychosis features such as hallucinations, seeing and hearing things that aren't present or delusions, irrational thoughts and fears, which most patients with mental condition are suffering from.

A person with psychotic depression will have delusions that include those in which he or she is concerned that something is terribly wrong with his or her body. The person will claim that something is wrong with his or her physical health. People with this condition normally experience more delusions than hallucinations. While some people with this illness don't experience hallucinations, others do. Other symptoms of this disorder are agitation and difficulties in falling asleep.

This condition is sometimes mistaken for schizophrenia. It is also sometimes mistaken for schizo affective disorder. Schizophrenia normally has more delusional symptoms. Other symptoms that characterize schizophrenia are loose associations, flight of ideas and echolalia which is repeating what others say. Word salad or meaningless speech is another symptom of this condition. Psychotic depression is mostly treated using antidepressants and anti psychotics. Researchers are also trying to develop a new treatment that will directly deal with the pathophysiology of the condition.

The Severity of Psychotic Depression
Suffering from depression can be a very serious and sometimes very subjective determination. Analysis by professionals and peers alike can offer a diagnosis of the condition of the individual that sometimes are questioned. Contrary to what many people commonly believe, straightforward and clear diagnosis of depression is not a simple condition that manifests itself in clear textbook fashion. Research will indicate that there are varying degrees of depression and for some individuals the level of depression they are experiencing can be severe enough to be classified as psychotic depression.

At this point, the depression they suffer can is considered serious enough to promote thoughts and actions leading to a point where they are a danger to themselves and others. Needless to say, psychotic depression requires immediate help from a professional experienced in mental disorders and treatment.

Psychotherapy For Psychotic Depression
Defence mechanisms
As well as the general concept of the unconscious the induction process will involve an introduction to some of the unconscious processes, such as defence mechanisms.

This is also called counseling or talk therapy. Some approaches to it are Cognitive/Behavioral, Cognitive, Family Therapy, and psychodynamics. It can help take care of issues relating to sleep, eating, and wrong thinking. There are no known negative effects.

Holistic Therapy
The Holistic approach encompasses a variety of treatments. The goal of Holistic medicine is treat the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. Acupuncture, Aroma Therapy, and Chiropractic medicine are just a few of the treatments considered as Holistic. Spirituality or religious experiences can also benefit psychotic depression. There are also no known negative issues with Holistic Therapy.

Dietary Treatments
This requires changing the diet to try to improve psychotic depression and other mental health issues. The thinking is that there may be some foods that contain something that might negatively affect your mood. By slowly eliminating then replacing items you might be aware of any food that may be a trigger of your symptoms. The only negative side effect is that your diet could be very restricted.

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